BLANKENHEIM was created by an individual with a passion for leather goods and a desire to own his own brand. It is an Indonesian brand that creates handcrafted, traditional premium leather goods that is of high quality, but yet still affordable. The design process and attention to detail are where our passions lie.

BLANKENHEIM will always strive to innovate, surprise and push boundaries of leather goods design.



Our roots can be traced far beyond our origin, to the time-honored traditions of those who have gone before us. While the west would provide our rugged inspiration, the south also had a definitive role in our story. The place that bred our heritage through those who called it home.

We made our journey from the western wilderness of Colorado to North Carolina in search of the values, traditions, and history that inspired our brand. Our new home would provide the perfect backdrop to embody the spirit of our southern roots, with easy access to the Appalachian Mountains where we could remain connected with our rugged lifestyle. From our flagship store in the heart of Downtown Matthews, we would continue the work of crafting products that reflected our honored tradition as well as our rugged spirit.


Buffalo Jackson Trading Company is the story of the Rugged Gentleman™, a flesh and blood character defined by the values of grit, honesty, pride, and character. While we remain true to this vision, we look ahead at how we can take those values and further develop our brand.

One of our biggest leaps came in 2017, when we launched our first line of women’s products. While this was uncharted territory, it would prove to be a natural extension of our brand. With so many important women in our lives from our mothers, wives and daughters to our coworkers, neighbors and friends… we knew it was time we honored them by incorporating products they would love into our brand.  

Within each of us, there is a longing to return from which we came. A call to discover the inherent wild we long to awaken. Through every product we create, through everyone who proudly wears the Buffalo Jackson name… we seek to honor that wild.